• For Consumers

    For Consumers

    Why read reviews from strangers when people you trust
    can introduce you to the vendors they trust?

  • For Business

    For Business

    Your network can help you
    your business!

  • Organizations


    Chambers of commerce, trade associations and non-profits on the IntroSTAR network help consumers buy local

  • Grow & Organize Your Business with Us!

    Grow & Organize Your Business with Us!

    IntroWARE: Our online tools to help you
    get... and stay organized!

For Consumers

One source for hiring ANY TYPE of business: from contractors, to lawyers, to shoe repair people.

You’re in the market for a product or service. Wouldn’t it be great if someone who had actually used the product or worked with that company, someone you knew and trusted, made an introduction? That’s what IntroSTAR is all about. Give & get referrals to companies you truly believe in. Shop local, shop smarter.

For Business

One tool to help you grow your business, manage prospects and current customers.

They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know… and we believe that’s true. With IntroSTAR, you’ll get referred to potential customers by businesses that know and trust you, and current customers. Expand your professional network. Manage customers, assets and your sales, post ads, coupons & more!

Participating Organizations

Member of a IntroSTAR partner organization? Your 30 day trial account/ free listings await you!

If you’re a member of one of our partner organizations listed below, then you’re already a member of IntroSTAR! Get your password here!

Mission Statement

IntroSTAR’s mission is to help people to not only buy locally, but to buy locally from the right companies; those that are vested in their communities. We provide membership and charitable organizations, local businesses and the residents they serve with the web-based tools needed to connect warmly and execute transactions efficiently.

Vision Statement

Imagine a neighborhood where people, businesses and service organizations are working together for the greater good of everyone. And then imagine that neighborhood replicating itself tens of thousands of times. You could change the culture of a nation. IntroSTAR’s vision is to unify communities by growing and strengthening relationships, advancing trust and ensuring the success of those enterprises and institutions most likely to honor the needs of their area and those they serve.