For Business

Let the IntroStar network promote your Business!
As business members, we band together to promote one another.

The Basics:

1: Complete your online Company Profile so members and consumers know all about you: Your services/specialities, contact info, credentials/awards, member organizations, causes you support, testimonials, offers/coupons and more.

2: Satisfied customers, business allies and organizations you belong to forward this information to family, friends and customers in need of your product or service.

3. Add companies you know, like and trust to your own personalized Referral Network.

4: Refer your clients/customers to these IntroSTAR member businesses. Become a valuable resource for your customers and help your business allies grow!


Benefits for Business

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Benefits for Business

Your FREE Company Profile on IntroSTAR includes:
• Basic Company Info
• Contact Info, Link to your company website
• Links to organizations you belong to
• Coupons, Employment Ads
• 5 documents download
• Social media links
• Testimonials from colleagues

For Premium Members
• Create and manage a Referral Rewards program
• B2B and B2C classified ads
• SEND customer satisfaction surveys to customers
• Build a Referral Network of business allies
• Build a Referral Network of consumers

Affiliate Advertising

IntroSTAR enables premium members to connect with others to form strategic/referral partnerships, and publish a list of trusted partners in directory format on the company’s website. When colleagues reciprocate, your company may be featured as a preferred vendor on an unlimited number of websites.

Business to Business Referrals

• Invite any business (including non-members) to join your Referral Network
• Build your Businesses /Recommend List
• Publish your list of preferred vendors/trusted partners on your website
• Be featured as a preferred vendor/trusted partner on colleague’s websites
• Organize, manage and track referrals given and received
• Receive email notification any time a colleague refers your company
• Write testimonials for colleagues

Consumer to Consumer Referrals

• Invite consumers to join your Referral Network
• Build your Recommended by Consumers count found on your Company Profile
• Receive email notification any time a customer refers your company

• Create a Referral Rewards Program
• Assign Rewards to customers for successful referrals that result in new business
• Mark Rewards as redeemed
• Manage “real-world” referrals received away from IntroSTAR

Referrals from Organizations

• Receive referrals from membership organizations and non-profits
• Organize, manage and track referrals
• Receive email notifications any time an organization refers your company
• Track total new business generated by each organization
• Have your Company Profile featured within the Membership Directory or Friends/Supporters Lists on IntroSTAR platform

Useful Online Tools

• Customer Filing Cabinet
• Work Orders
• Invoicing
• Proposals
• Sales Forecasting
• Prospect Management
• Change Orders
• Document Management

Get Organized!

• Tasks
• Reminders
• Customer Notes
• Asset Management