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The IntroSTAR network helps you select the right company for the job.

Why pay to read/write reviews like on other sites?
IntroSTAR is FREE for Consumers
With IntroSTAR, get SPECIFIC referrals/endorsements from people you know and TRUST.

The Basics:

1: Use our directory to learn which companies their peers & local consumers endorse
2: Add companies you’ve used successfully to your own Referral Network
3: Refer your family/friends to these companies
4: Earn referral rewards, when available


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Benefits for Consumers

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Trusted Referrals

Nothing is more powerful than the personal introduction.

Websites driven only by consumer reviews may be easily “gamed” by businesses. Anyone can cobble together a few friends or family members willing to write glowing comments and flowery testimonials.

What can’t be gamed is the personal introduction. Either you have enough faith and confidence to refer a friend to try the vendor or a product, or you don’t.

With IntroSTAR, we help you make and receive connections, as a trusted source.

Accurate Company Info

• Basic company info
• Contact info
• Company website
• 200 character description
• Links to organizations the company belongs to and the causes it supports
• Coupons
• Employment Ads
• Credential Documents (portfolio material, certifications, awards, etc.)
• Social media links
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Testimonials from other local business owners
• Referral Rewards program info
• Listing of businesses that recommend the company
• Number of consumers that recommend the company

Get Organized

Set Reminders
• Create and manage project-related reminders
• Set frequency & end date for recurring reminders


Create Tasks
• Create and manage project-related tasks
• Assign deadlines
• Mark as Complete or Delete


Write Documents
• Businesses use IntroSTAR to create fully customizable proposals, invoices and change orders for their customers.
• Once registered, any document created by a member, specifically for you, is saved to your private workspace on IntroSTAR for future reference.

Useful Reviews and Surveys

Why pay to read and write business reviews when you can do that for free here at IntroSTAR? IntroSTAR Customer Satisfaction Surveys ask the 5 most important questions needed before purchasing a product or service. Reviews contain comments and testimonials and provide the business member with the opportunity to add their thoughts to the record. Review scores are averaged and posted to the business member’s Company Profile.

Build & Manage Your Network of Trusted Vendors

Ever forget the name of a vendor you’ve used? Never again! Use IntroSTAR to assemble a list of local companies you’ve work with. Use IntroSTAR to assemble a list of local companies you work with. This gives you easy access to their contact information and allows you to easily refer those companies to friends and family.

Earn Rewards

Earn valuable discounts and other perks for successful referrals by simply introducing family and friends to local businesses you already know, like and trust. Rewards assigned by business members are copied to your private workspace on IntroSTAR for review and redemption.

Save Money

Who doesn’t like to save money? View Company Profiles or search the IntroSTAR database for local coupons and deals or throughout the network.

Employment Marketplace

Business members may add Help Wanted Ads to their Company Profile, and consumers may post resumes confidentially. IntroSTAR’s Employment Marketplace is free to both business owners and those seeking employment.