Chambers of commerce, trade associations and non-profits on the IntroSTAR network help consumers buy local! Chamber groups, trade associations and non-profits use IntroSTAR to promote their members and supporters within the local community. Click here to see some of our member Organizations.

The Basics:

1: IntroSTAR helps to organize, manage and track referrals organizations give to their members. 2: Members know when their organizations have referred them. 3: Referrals are easier, quicker and full of useful information about the member(s). 4. IntroSTAR enables organizations to provide a wide array of new benefits of membership Are you a board member or director of a chamber of commerce, trade association or non-profit? Email Us to learn more about IntroSTAR’s Network Partner Program.


Benefits for Organizations

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A Better Business Directory... and a Lot More!

Tens of thousands of business directories exist on the web. Aside from informational sources like Manta, Merchant Circle, or “yellow page” type sites, every membership organization has a Business Directory and or Friends/Supporters list on their website. This means numerous profiles to manage, update and maintain.

With IntroSTAR, the member has ONE Company Profile to manage. Any time that profile is updated, all directories on the associated IntroSTAR platform are updated simultaneously.

Benefits for Organizations

• Maintain membership database
• Business directory services
• Invoicing
• Add tangible value to membership
• Organize, manage and track referrals given to members
• Members know when they are referred by the organization
• Discounts offered to members interested in premium IntroSTAR services

Benefits for Members/Friends/Supporters

• Listings within 2 IntroSTAR market areas/counties
• 3 Categories to listed/referred under
• Build Company Profile
• Company Profile training
• Notification when referred by the organization
• Discounts on premium IntroSTAR services

Reduce Administrative Burden

With IntroSTAR, your members, or friends/supporters take control of their own directory listing. This structure reduces the administrative burden for organizations, and ultimately improves the accuracy of the business directory or friends/supporters list. After all, who has more up-to-date information about a member, than the member themself?

Publish Straight to your Website

The member’s Company Profile does more than just reside in your business directory. Any time a member is referred by your organization, a colleague or consumer, the Company Profile is included for the prospect.

With IntroSTAR, your members or friends/supporters can create their own directory of preferred vendors/strategic partners and publish that list in directory format on their website.

The Company Profile powers the affiliate advertising directories. This benefit encourages connectivity within your membership AND increases the number of websites on which the member’s Company Profile can be found.

Organize, Manage and Track Referrals

One of the main reasons a business owner invests in memberships is to grow their business. Referrals from the organization provide the most tangible proof of Return on Investment.

IntroSTAR enables organizations to refer prospects to their individual members, or to a category of members. Referral Reports can be generated by member or category.

The consumer receives the content they need, the organization has a record of all referrals given to members, individually and by category, and members receive email alerts any time they are referred, so they know the organization is working on their behalf.

Live Local, Shop Local!

No doubt, buying local is important.

But even better is buying local from the right companies; those companies that participate in their local chambers, trade associations and support local non-profits.

All things being equal, the consumer would rather purchase goods or services from local, civic-minded providers. IntroSTAR gives consumers the information they need to help make that determination.

Everybody Benefits!

All of the information on our platform is disseminated by YOU, the organization. IntroSTAR, nor its staff or agents, will email, call or solicit your membership base in any way. Membership information will not be shared, sold or traded.

When your organization is successful using IntroSTAR, everyone benefits, including the consumer. When everyone benefits there is no need to sell or solicit.