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Looking for a vendor? Browse our local business directory to research local companies. Why pay to read and write consumer reviews when you can do that for free here at IntroSTAR?

Your neighbor needs a service. You’ve had great success with a local vendor for that service. Use IntroSTAR to introduce your neighbor to that vendor, and you’ll earn referral rewards. You’ll also enjoy free tools that’ll help you organize projects, track appointments, plan budgets, set up maintenance plans, find coupons and earn rewards. All at no cost to you!

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The best introduction to any prospective customer comes from a satisfied customer or reputable business ally. With IntroSTAR, you’ll get referred to new customers by businesses who know you and trust you, and satisfied customers that are already fans of your company.

These are people who WANT to share their positive experiences with their family and friends. To help you get better organized and expand your professional network, use our online tools, IntroWare to manage customers, assets, sales, post ads, coupons, referral rewards and much more. With IntroWare’s suite of online tools, you’ll work smarter than ever!

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